Under the Dome
A new nonprofit organization led by Bill Graham, former Superior Court judge and state commissioner of banks, will serve as an advisory group on constitutional matters, and may use the courts to protect the constitutional rights of citizens.

The N. C. Institute for Constitutional Law will advocate the principles of "limited government," protecting peoples' rights to engage in the free market, and warding off the encroachment of the state, said Graham, who is chairman of the group's board of directors. It will also help people exercise their freedom to speak, write, assemble, petition and vote, according to a news release.

Others on the board include Robinson Everett of Durham, a Duke University law school professor who has tussled with the state on redistricting, Ron Link of Chapel Hill, a law professor at UNC-Chapel Hill and former acting dean of the law school; Bill Maready, a Winston-Salem attorney; and Art Pope of Raleigh, president of Variety Wholesalers and a former four-term state representative.